The Company

YouTransactor history

YouTransactor is an innovative payment solution provider co-founded in 2006 by Gérard Compain, former CEO of Ingenico (1995 – 2005), and Gregory Mardinian, former Chief Software Officer of Ingenico (2000 - 2005).

Our company supply an end-to-end offer comprising payment acceptance, payment acquiring and hardware infrastructure to the transport, retail, public administration, delivery and telecom industries among others.

Our products have been chosen by leading financial institutions, railway operators and merchant acquirers.

As a fully integrated payment solution provider, YouTransactor has heavily invested in the implementation of banking grade infrastructure and the development of highly available, robust, and secure processing technology referred to as uCloud. 

Our Vision


You Transactor products and services are well known for theirs
  • modularity: our solutions are easily integrated in our client's infrastructure
  • able to run business and secured applications simultaneously
  • tailor-made and all-in-one devices for professionals in mobility
  • Upstream integration with business applications allowing fast setup, user-friendly design minimizing time-to-market and sophisticated value-added services based on tokenization