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Focus on ticketing "Open Loop"

Posted on Sunday, October 25th 2015

The operator emits tickets for single trips and / or contactless transport cards with Travel prepaid account or transport subscriptions: all tickets issued by the owner operator system (closed system called "Closed Loop") require each user to go to a physical outlet to buy, before you can take public transport.

On the contrary, a ticketing system "Open Loop" allows a traveler to use a medium  that he already has as a transport ticket, an EMV contactless bank card or smartphone. The advantage for the occasional traveler is to have only one ticket regardless of the network; its contactless bank card must be validated at the input and output of each means of transport. This prevents his passage by a physical point of sale and spares him the complications associated to languages ??and payment abroad.

For the network operator which supports "Open Loop" ticketing, he will reap the following benefits: smooth transition in transit stations, less investment in sales and maintenance robots, significant increase in the use of public transport by casual visitors.

All public transport network operator sells single tickets; so it should reflect on its ticketing system to make it the most "Open Loop" possible. And to do so, he must anticipate the reading needs of contactless bank cards on its validators.