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Parking reform postponed to 2018

Posted on Tuesday, October 20th 2015

Chief executive Manuel Valls confirmed on 1st October during national meetings of the public transport organized in Lyon, that the expected parking decentralization reform would be postponed to 2018.

This report, foreseen since the summer, looks logical in view of the significant legal and technical work to manage the implementation of this organization. "This period would allow local communities to organize this reform on their territory in order we’ll all be ready at the time of changeover," said Prime Minister, who wants to avoid the pitfall of a technically and legally vulnerable reform in a area where litigation seems to be important. Manuel Valls and must submit a proposal to Parliament to shift the entry into force of the Act on 1st January 2018.

This announcement has not favorably been received by the different actors involved, including the Assembly of communities of France (ADCF). Its chairman Charles-Eric Lemaignen expressed disappointment and hopes that "this new report will not lead to a questioning of the measurement, and finally to his burial. We have already been stung by the environmental tax. There is no question of calling into question the reform of parking! ". Even if the head of government assured that "the reform was irreversibly", Charles-Eric Lemaignen believes that Antai (Automated Processing of Infringements National Agency) had time to anticipate these legal problems. He also recalled that the responsible Authorities Group of transport (GART) proposed legal solutions, and that the law was defined of January 2014.

These concerns are also shared by GART who fights since 2003 for this reform. Its leaders immediately reacted and warned that the organization « would be very attentive that, now, everything is made to this reform, which is crucial for a more sustainable mobility and a better service to citizens which include motorists, no longer be thwarted. " The reform to come into force on 1st January 2016, had been postponed by the National Assembly at October 1, 2016. In July, the major associations of elected officials have already expressed their concerns to the Prime Minister through a letter which does had not received an answer. The mayors want the implementation of this reform as quickly as possible in order to increase the amount of fines and thus offset the decline in state grants to their communities expected shortly.

On 24 September, the report had seemed to be cleared when the prefect in charge of the implementation of the reform within MIDS (Interministerial Mission on decentralization of parking), Stéphane ROUVE, announced that the postponement was necessary for technical reasons. "We want to be careful, this is potentially manage hundreds of thousands of appeals," he had said so, but believes that "the cumbersome system to implement, would be ready in October 2017".