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Transport: Grenoble goes contactless payment

Posted on Tuesday, October 20th 2015

Since September 21th, users of the bus line in Grenoble « Chrono 1 » can now pay their tickets with their credit card. A first in France, after the introduction of this payment in London. Experiments on the TAG network, which will last one year, required the cooperation of six entities.

Grenoble innovates: The Isère agglomeration becomes the first French city to embark on contactless payment! Exit rechargeable fare card, here comes the credit card!

The Grenoble Laboratory of the Experiments of Mobilities took advantage of the European Mobility Week (September from 16 to 22) under the sign of innovation, to launch the contactless payment. The experiment will be conducted on the Chrono line C1 and must allow more fluid onboards. The line, which sees passing 13,000 passengers a day, was chosen because it serves key points of the Isère capital: the railway station, the city center of Grenoble and Inovallée in Meylan. In addition, it has a high rate of casual travelers, a target customer to test this type of service.

All holders of Visa or Mastercard credit card, accepting contactless payment, can now use the proposed system on the line. Recall that 54% of cards in circulation in France have the necessary NFC. The receipt recovered when purchasing serves as ticket and is valid for one hour with authorized connections. The housing prototype used on the 25 bus, Paybill called, and placed at the front of the bus, was developed by the company ACTOLL, specializing in the area of ??payment.


Launched in September 2014, the project, led by Transdev *, entered its test phase and will see quantitative and qualitative surveys be carried out from December 2015 to July 2016 to determine the barriers to the use of the service and the needed improvements. If 85% of French people know the contactless payment, only 7 millions currently use: however margin for improvement is huge. The analysis of these studies will then deploy the system on other lines in Grenoble and even other territories. Users of the line Chrono C1 will they be vanguard or reluctant to use their credit card to pay for their trips? Answer at the end of next summer.


* Transdev, one of the world's leading mobility (turnover of 6.6 billion euros in 2014), has mobilized around him five partners to give birth to this project.

Visa Europe (37 countries) is changing the heart of the payments ecosystem: € 1 is spent on 4.2 in France by Visa.

SEMITAG operates the network of public transport of Grenoble since 1975 (450 000 inhabitants)

The joint association of public transport in the Grenoble metropolis shines in 49 towns

The Caisse d'Epargne Rhône Alpes (5 departments)

ACTOLL develops innovative solutions at the service of mobility.