Our uCubeTM product

co-funded h2020 europe

uCube is a solution for merchants who want to accept card payment anywhere, anytime, and who want to offer additional services to their customers. uCube is a MPOS connected through Bluetooth to a mobile device and which can read magstripes, contacless cards and chip & pin cards.
This solution is aimed at professionals who realize a low amount of transactions, in a friendly environment.

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Technical Specifications

Size and weight Length : 82 mm
Width : 68,5 mm
Height : 22 mm / 19,8 mm
Weight : 105 grams
Architecture ATMEL AT91S051 (ARM7)
Memory Internal: 96 KB RAM, 256 KB EEPROM
External: 1Mo serial flash for data storing
Smart card ISO7816 5V, 3V, 1;8V cards
Magnetic card Triple track ISO 1/2/3
Contactless card ISO 14 443 A, B, B'
Display  1,7 inches : 128x32 pixels; OLED
Keyboard Capacitive keyboard, 16 keys
External buttons ON/OFF
Connector Micro USB A/B connector (charging and data)
Certifications PCI PTS 3.x
EMV L1/L2 (contact)
EMV L1 T=CL, Paypass, Paywave, Express Pay, Discover (contactless)
Certifications and approvals CE
UL, FCC Pt 15
Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 class 2 (component: CSR 8311), low energy, V3 and classical bluetooth (SPP)
Battery 2 AAA batteries or 2 AAA rechargeable battery (contact only)
750 mAh Li-Ion battery (with contactless)
Charger AC/DC charger
Operating temperature  0 to + 50° C
Storage temperature -20 to 60°C
Alarm temperature Below -40° and over 85° C
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) 8 kV air discharge / 4 kV direct discharge
SDK SDK provided for smartphone app development: Requires the support of BT low energy (V4) or classical (SPP profile)
Maintenance  Maintenance & software licence
Technical support Support for development phase
Software update  (OS, EMV, PCI)