uCube 100 product rangeTM

You will find here our YouTransactor product range. These devices, unique on the market, integrate characteristics and knowledges from the worlds of PDA, payment terminals and smartphones.
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SK20 F
SK20 Bio

Our products in 7 key points

Open architecture

Running on a Linux OS, the uCube 100 is 100% based on open architecture.
Its HTML5 embedded browser allows him to run web applications in online or offline mode :
- Easy development
- Fast deployment and portability
- Huge base of web developers


As the most integrated, PCI certified, Payment PDA, the uCube 100 benefits from a perfect ergonomy :
- Pocket-sized
- Weighing less than 200 grams
- A unique keyboard and color touch screen


For connected people in a connected world, the uCube 100 based on smartphone architecture assures reliable wireless data transmission :
- Bluetooth
- Wi-FI
- 3G


Developed for the payment world, the uCube 100 is totally secured and has passed all the security and banking certifications necessary :
- EMV L1/L2
- Paywave, Paypass
- GIE CB5.2 (France)
- EP2 (Switzerland)

Data capture

The uCube 100 integrates optional data capture capacities :
- 1D/2D barcode reader
- 5MP camera
Whether you need to track goods or take proofs of delivery, the SK20 is the versatile device your workers need.

Card Readers

For payment, identification, e-identification, loyalty management and so on, the uCube 100 can read any type of cards through its :
- Smart card reader
- Magnetic card reader
- Contactless card reader

SD cards, SIM and SAM slots are also available.


With its integrated GPS receiver, the uCube 100 is able to collect data information for :
- Localization
- Geo-tagging
- Navigation