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Before any RMA request, please let us help you to diagnose your device. Our technical team can help you to do it.
You can contact them through : +33 1 75 43 75 28 or by e-mail :

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Reparation center address


Service SAV
32, rue Brancion
75015 PARIS
Tel. : +33 1 75 43 75 20
Fax. : +33 1 42 50 13 22

Please have a look to the following rules :

  • Make sure the battery is inside the terminal
  • Do not return any accessory
  • Pack your terminal individually in bubble pack packaging
  • Place the terminal in a carton box together with this printed RMA
  • Immobilize the terminal inside the cardboard to warn any damage during the transport
  • A carton should not contain more than 10 terminals
  • In case of non-compliance of the sending (no battery, added accessory, several terminals packed in the bubble pack packaging, absence of printed and signed RMA, package containing more than 10 terminals, terminal badly immobilized in the package, ...) the device will not be taken care of in conformance with manufacturer warranty or of the manufacturer service contract; an estimate of repairs (guaranteed 12 months) will be sent to you
  • In case of refusal of repair, estimate is charged 60€ HT
  • If no breakdown is noticed on the product sent to the after sales service ("No trouble found"), a 60€ lump sum will be charged

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