uCube Pad

Thin & elegant, ideal for contactless or PIN-on-Mobile

Contactless payment has had a huge success worldwide, for it creates a fast and secure purchasing experience for consumers and merchants. Fit for many retailers whom need to accept small amounts, the small, portable and handy uCube Pad becomes an affordable point-of-sale card payment solution. Merchants and retailers can now also use their smartphone or tablet as a unique client interface to manage PIN-entry of consumer’ payment card and display their core business applications. uCube Pad is the ultimate EMV device that connects to any merchants solutions to accept contact and contactless payments, letting them decide what their user experience should look like.



Countertop POS
Mobile Payment

Any Smartphone or Tablet
Remote PIN-entry


Fast check-out

Client authentication
Charity & Events

Freedom of Devices

Chip card
Contactless (NFC)
PIN on Mobile

Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G/4G
iOS / Android SDK
EMV, PCI 5.x