A 360° Payment Experience

Our team is determined to make Payment an enjoyable journey, for our consumers and theirs.
From mPOS design to merchant application integration, it is our pleasure to provide you with complete assistance.


We guide you to make the best choice of payment architecture, transaction flows, and security mechanisms.

Leveraging on our experience with a wide variety of merchants, we help you have a smooth payment experience.


From customizable EMV module to finished payment terminal, you can choose from a wide product range.

Our manufacturing facilities are situated in Brazil, France, and Thailand, to be closer to our customers.


We handle all certifications to make sure you can accept payment with our mPOS anywhere, anytime.

We liaise with Payment schemes, Local authorities, Transportation standards and PCI Council to meet all your security needs.

App Development

We develop your payment App, either connected to your point of sale App or directly to a payment gateway.

With our SDK and API, it is possible to design your merchant application on any smartphone or tablet.


We integrate our mPOS to any Acquirers, Merchant service providers, directly or through a payment gateway.

We deliver payment as a seamless experience, adapting to your existing interfaces, in-store and online.

Terminal Management

We provide you with a Trusted Management System (TMS) to handle field operations with your mPOS.

We deal with not only key injections and security attacks, but also services such as online card payment receipt.

Multi market solutions

mPOS is a unique touch-point with customers, allowing merchants to propose card payment in a variety of situations.
We reinvent the purchasing experience to turn mobility into freedom across all verticals.


With our solution, merchants can accept payments anywhere, thus providing a smooth consumer experience: professionals in mobility, in-store sales assistants on the go, cash registers, and standalone kiosks.

SK100 - Revenue Inspection Device


We deliver payment solutions tailor made for transportation operators, adapting to specificities of Public transports schemes (OpenPayment and Closed-loop) and services (validation, control and sale of tickets)

Police - Electronic Fines - YouTransactor

Electronic Fines

We provide Cities and Police forces with the most convenient mobile solutions to manage efficiently public parking fees, fines and remedies, helping operational agents in their day-to-day mission.


We deal with all certification authorities, at a local or global scale, to ensure our POS terminals meet all security requirements to accept consumers from any country. We work with the best security Labs in the world, and contribute to the development of new security standards through the expertise of our engineers.
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