A Unique Payment Solution Designed for You

We offer the perfect Payment terminal that’s exclusively for you. Create the POS of your dreams as we Design, Develop and Deliver.


We Offer

Agile Product Development

End-to-end design consulting

Turnkey Payment Platform & Application

Compliance with PCI, EMV & local standards

EMV PCI Module by YouTransactor

Step 1: EMV Component

Pre-Certified hardware and platform for secure card transactions.

Additionally, we provide SDKs for iOS and Android for easy integration of your payment application.

Step 2: Design • Color • Brand

Unparalleled customization thanks to End-to-End consultation and Fast Prototyping that provides you with the best payment terminal to suit your needs.

Product design
Mass production

Step 3: Mass Production.

Localized operations.

Leverage our proven manufacturing process to achieve maximum efficiency, agility, and fastest time to market.

Step 4: Certifications.

EMV, PCI & other certifications. Our experts assist you for all international and local certifications of your payment terminal, so that you can perform transactions without a speck of doubt.in full security.


Fully Custom Design and Branding


State-of-the-art Technology

Competitive Price

Competitive Pricing

End-to-end support

End-to-end Engineering and Operational Support

Time to market

Unrivaled Time to Market

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