YouTransactor equips the Municipal Police of Tours with its Electronic FiNES solution

One of the largest cities in central France – Tours, has taken a major step towards upgrading its electronic fines terminals by turning to a new digital solution provided by YouTransactor. With the objective to modernize the operational services of the city’s municipal police, this key investment will reinforce the public safety of nearly 140,000 residents of this beautiful French town.

The solution will help 140 police officers of this city to issue electronic fines from their smartphone in a fast and reliable way, thus simplifying their administrative follow-up tasks and avoiding transcription errors. This solution will also benefit the citizens as electronic fines will prevent the loss or theft of windshield fines, which in turn will reduce the risk of facing an increased amount of fines.

In recent years, electronic fines have made a significant contribution to reducing traffic violations (such as speeding, incorrect parking, driving on the wrong side, etc.) and we hope to achieve the same in the city of Tours as well.

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