YouTransactor provides POS terminals for Open Payment control in Dijon’s buses and tramways

YouTransactor, leader in mPOS solutions, will equip the city of Dijon with Open Payment control terminals.

Since March 2018, the city of Dijon is the first in France to equip its tramways and buses with contactless validators, as part of its ticketless strategy. This open payment service, enables passengers to purchase their tickets on-board, to ease their access to public transports. It also prevents them from queuing at vending machines and ensures they pay the most appropriate fare.

Controllers will use YouTransactor uCube terminal, to verify travelers have paid their fare, increasing control efficiency and reliability. Indeed, when approached for a control, passengers will simply have to tap their debit card on uCube device, hold by bus officers, to show their identity and fare validity, leveraging on a contactless EMV transaction.

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