PIN on Mobile

Accept chip card payment on any smartphone

Merchants want to deliver the best payment experience to their customers, grow their sales and value their brand in their shop or social media. We can help them achieve this with a cutting edge technology. With PIN on Mobile, we enable retailers and professionals to use their smartphone or tablet to accept chip card and contactless payments.

Choose the Device of Your Dreams

Smartphone or Tablet

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Connect it to uCube Pad

POS Terminal
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Accept Chip card and NFC Payment

PIN on Mobile Device

PIN on Mobile - YouTransactor
Unique point of sales

Merchants no longer need to adapt their shopping experience to their various retail hardware (printer, payment terminal, cash register, mobile computers…).

The point of sale experience is managed from one device.

Core business apps

All applications from retailers can be developed on well known operating systems such as Android, so that creating value and bringing new ideas to shops is a fair game.

The development of applications becomes seamless.

Payment in one touch

The payment transaction is managed securely in merchant’s device and card reader with a direct connection to the payment gateway, Bank or Acquirer.

The acceptance of chip card payments is made simple.

PIN on Mobile - YouTransactor

PIN on Mobile is designed to make the life of merchants easier.

  • PIN on Mobile enables merchants to securely accept PIN-based payments with the PIN entered on a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) device, such as a consumer-grade mobile phone or tablet.

  • Retailers and professionals can, on one screen, manage their business apps and allow consumers to enter their chip card PIN code. The purchasing experience is handled on a single Android or iOS device, making payment a smooth and fast operation for customers in shops or in mobility.

  • When consumers enter their chip card PIN code on the merchant’s device, it is sent securely to a small Bluetooth card reader that performs its online verification and the payment transaction.

  • PIN on Mobile can take as many shapes as merchants wish, from an all-in-one device with a dedicated rugged casing for professionals in mobility, to a kiosk or countertop point-of-sale payment solution.