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Elegant and Innovative Payment Solutions

After its foundation in 2009, YouTransactor has become ubiquitous in the market of payment terminals over the past 10 years. Hence, we interviewed Jean-Pierre, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

How was YouTransactor founded?

YouTransactor was founded in 2009, by Phillippe Sérié & Grégory Mardinain, both experts from the payment industry and familiar with the conception of the cutting-edge technology. Since the debut, the company has, hence, specialized in mobile payment solutions, initially deployed in public transport of various European cities, such as London, Brussels, Paris & Stockholm. Over the years, YouTransactor has expanded its reach to the retail industry, mainly through a global partnership with SumUp since 2012. This pivotal step helped us develop our first payment terminal dedicated to merchants. Ever since, YouTransactor has been providing payment terminals to the merchants in 23 countries around the world, particularly in Europe, Brazil, the United States and India.

Our primary shareholder, Blackfin Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm in the FinTech industry of Europe, provides us with operational support to gain increased visibility in transversal segments such as online and in-store payments.

I joined YouTransactor, a little more than 2 years ago, particularly to develop the business on an international scale especially since the market segment for the small payment terminals is booming globally. This is due to the growing inclination among merchants towards payment terminals that are smaller, more elegant and less expensive.

What is your core business?

The design, manufacturing and integration of mobile payment solutions on a payment terminal or even on a smartphone form our core business and address the aesthetic, technical and security issues. YouTransactor has, hence, designed the terminals with a focus on enhanced mobility, smaller size and lower cost. We also offer our customers white labelled and customisable models, with designs adapted to their requirements and brand image. Thus, the major acquirers, Payment Service providers and manufacturers of POS solutions rely on our technology and expertise to have a unique product.

The success of our partnership with SumUp is ingrained in the dynamicity of tailor-made solutions. We offer the advantages of an SME, great agility and proximity with our clients, all while maintaining a very high volume of production of more than 1 million terminals per year. With more than 1.7 million products sold, we are the leading supplier of mobile terminals in Brazil.

What does 2020 look like?

After a 40% growth achieved in 2019, 2020 for us is defined by the launch of our new payment terminal, the smallest terminal in the world and completely autonomous (with 4G and Wi-Fi). This terminal is a result of a great innovative work on the design to present a disruption to the classic model with separate screen and keypad. Even with half the size of a smartphone, our new terminal can meet the expectations of merchants to accept different modes of payments including contactless card, Apple Pay, and the most recently emerging QR code- to avoid the transmission of Covid-19. Additionally, considering the environmental aspect, the terminal offers dematerialization of payment receipts, in order to reduce the use of paper. Major acquirers in Europe, Latin America and the United States have already planned to launch this product in the coming months.

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